Baptist and Forerunner

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O Holy St. John the Baptist and Forerunner of Christ, never cease to intercede for us !

Below are some SAMPLES from
the Divine Liturgy CD of the Synaxis of
St. John the Baptist (Jan. 7)

The Great Litany

The Third Antiphon


The Cherubic Hymn

Festal Theotokion

One is Holy

Full List of Songs

1. Great Doxology
Byzantine--Tone Six

2. Troparion - Synaxis
Byzantine--Tone Two

3. Troparion- Theophany
Byzantine--Tone One

4. Great Litany
Byzantine Melody

5. First Antiphon (Festal)
Znamenny Chant

6. Little Litany

7. Second Antiphon (Festal)
Znamenny Chant

8. Only Begotten Son
Greek Melody

9. Little Litany

10. Third Antiphon
Theophany Troparion with Psalm Verses

11. Come Let Us Worship
Byzantine--Tone Two

12. Troparion - Theophany
Byzantine--Tone One

13. Troparion - Synaxis
Byzantine--Tone Two

14. Kontakion - Synaxis
Byzantine--Tone Six

15. Kontakion - Theophany
Melody: "Today the Virgin..."

16. As Many as Have Been Baptized
Byzantine--Tone One

17. Prokeimenon: "The Righteous..."
Znamenny Chant--Tone Seven

18. The Epistle (ACTS 19:1-8)

19. Alleluia
Znamenny Chant--Tone Five

20. The Holy Gospel (John 1:29-34)

21. The Cherubic Hymn
Themes from Byzantine Tones One and Six

22. The Anaphora
Znamenny Chant

23. Theotokion (Festal)
Canon Tone Two

24. One is Holy
Serbian Melody

25. Communion Hymn - Theophany
Byzantine--Tone One

26. Communion Hymn - Synaxis
Choral Arrangement

27. Festal Troparion
Byzantine--Tone One

28. Let Our Mouths Be Filled With Your Praise
Byzantine-- Tone Five

29. Ambon Prayers / Blessed Be the Name (Choral Arrangement) / Dismissal

30. Magnification - Theophany

31. Sessional Hymn following the Magnification
Melody: "Lifted up..."