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Susan H.8:34 pm | Jun 30, 2005
I really love the new additions to your web-site! Hope the New CD comes out soon. Keep up the good work!

Kevin D.10:10 pm | Sep 4, 2005
I have enjoyed listening to "What Earthly Joy" for several years now, and each song is timeless. It really transforms the atmosphere at home whenever it's playing on my stereo, and thankfully shifts my focus from the mundane to the holy. Keep up the good work!

Joe Hromy10:19 pm | Sep 10, 2005
Great job, love your cd. The music of our Orthodox church is the greatest no doubt.

Mark T.12:10 pm | Oct 3, 2005
Just stopping by; checking on any updates. I can't wait till the new Forerunner CD comes out! I'm looking forward to hearing what people say about it. It's been a laborious, but very exciting process.

Kevin D.4:54 pm | Dec 7, 2005
Great job on those Baptist and Forerunner MP3s! They sound great and are a nice sampling of what's to come. Looking forward to seeing the CD in my hands!

William Herman12:45 pm | Feb 21, 2006
Just received "Baptist and Forerunner" in the mail today. Just an outstanding production, and I'm listening to it now. Will definitely return to buy from you again! Thank you and I pray that God bless your efforts!

Mrs. Ruth H. Ross8:41 am | Apr 4, 2006
Dear John,

I have listened to the CD ''Baptist and Forerunner'' and think your group should feel very pleased with it! It was well done and I appreciate it.

It must have taken a lot of time and energy to produce a profesional production.

I can relax when I hear Orthodox music; it is a worshipful experience.

Thank you, so much,

Adrienne Elizabeth4:10 pm | Aug 28, 2006
Beloved Chanters! Thank you for yet another triumph! Baptist & Forerunner is lovely. Your music will always be so dear to my heart. You are an inspiration. Please continue to share your gifts with a pan-Orthodox audience; they are a blessing to many.

Jason6:45 pm | Aug 30, 2009
good stuff bro!

Ray1:06 am | Oct 5, 2009
You guys are great! I just love your voices

Rick Boudreau5:11 am | Mar 27, 2011
I'm just in the process of ordering your CD's and Bumper Sticker. You have a wonderful harmony in your songs' Also, your studio recording has just the right amount of reverberation and echo processing. I've been looking for a good quality Orthodox CD with just these qualities and yours fits the bill, just the right amount, "The Goldy Locks Zone". Thanks so much for producing a Great CD. I look forward to playing in my home, on the road and anywherelse I can think of to play it'

Troy John Heffernan10:53 pm | May 17, 2011
Dear Father(s):

CHRIST IS RISEN! I like your website very, very much!! I am a "convert" to Holy Orthodoxy; I was CHRISMATED on Meatfare Sunday 2 March 2003. I belong to St. Gregory of Nyssa Orthodox (Campus) Church on the campus of the Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio). St. Gregory belongs

to the OCA (Orthodox Church in America).

I love being Orthodox!!!!!! It has so much to offer. Let me hear from you - anyone.

Mary Flynn!9:33 pm | Jul 18, 2012
Absolutely breathtaking!

Dan G7:55 am | Jun 5, 2013
Love the CDs -- excellent sound! Looking forward to future recordings!

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Marci Bates 3:40 pm | Sep 4, 2017
Absolutely beautiful voices and music.

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